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Our main focus falls over 2 areas

1. We secure Perimeter Advertising and Sponsorship rights that feature directly at High Profile Televised Sports Events such as EPL, Tennis, Rugby Union, UFC, F1…

Our aim is to deliver highly visible branding opportunities to TV audiences within the MENA, EMEA, LATAM and Asian regions. All of our properties feature prominently on the most popular TV stations in each region due to the huge popularity of each event.

We work with the biggest brands and media buying agencies across each region tailoring and delivering intelligent, creative and effective solutions to engage and activate audiences watching world stage sporting events, regionally.

2. We are one of a select few agencies globally selling digital replacement technology across La Liga on behalf of Supponor
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– essentially the product is very simple, watch a match featuring Barcelona or Real Madrid and whatever region you are in we can broadcast a different advert to the viewers at home. This is a ground breaking proven way to reach the huge national and international coverage.

Supponor’s DBRLive technology connects global sport with local audiences by allowing in-event perimeter billboard advertising to be modified for different broadcast feeds and, therefore, targeted at specific audience groups. Fans across the world watching a live sporting event see live TV feeds identical in every way – but with pitch-side advertisements relevant to them.

This ‘smart’ communication channel brings brands closer to the TV audiences watching the event; allows advertisers to buy and plan regionally; and increases value for rights holders and broadcasters.

Segmenting billboard advertising by market allows:

  • National and regional advertisers to reach only their relevant audiences
  • Global brands to regionalise their messages
  • Rights holders to sell the same physical advertising space several times over digitally
  • Broadcasters to monetise rights and improve sales and sponsorship propositions


DBRLive replaces existing perimeter systems (such as LED) with specially manufactured billboards, which appear normal to fans in the stadium itself, but can be replaced with digitally-generated graphics on the broadcast feed. Spectators at the stadium see the original billboards, which are visibly unaltered by DBRLive’s technology. And to TV viewers, the digital billboards also look completely normal – the same kind of perimeter advertising that is a standard feature of all high-profile live sports events today.

DBRLive works by combining optics within the broadcast camera with our proprietary software to identify the physical properties of the billboards and seamlessly integrate virtual billboard content into live TV feeds. If there are obstructions in front of the billboard, such as players or the ball, the system recognises this and adapts the graphics, creating a mask in real time to ensure the digital content that appears on screen mimics the appearance of physical billboards in stadium.

DBRLive works equally well at both indoor and outdoor events, and integrates seamlessly with host broadcaster facilities at each event.

To make this all happen, we attach specialist hardware at the main camera positions and set up data and video connections in the outside broadcast compound between the main outside broadcast (OB) truck and Supponor’s own OB vehicles. The host broadcaster then provides the programme feed to Supponor and this is combined with Supponor’s data from the broadcast cameras to produce the virtual outputs. These are then passed back to the host broadcaster for distribution to broadcast partners and viewers worldwide.

Our ground-breaking technology means that multiple live feeds can be generated, each with different graphics in any electronic media form – including animation and video. Those who control the way the event is presented on screen (e.g. rights holders or broadcasters) can then select the graphical ‘look and feel’ that best suits them (e.g. differing levels of brightness, differing speeds at which the adverts run).

DBRLive goes further still, with a series of integrated features that take perimeter advertising to even more sophisticated levels, for example:

  • Ad Director – intelligent artwork sequencing to maximise effectiveness of on-screen brand exposure
  • DBR Vision – camera feed management to ensure optimum message presentation (e.g. adjusts size of artwork to fit camera angle)
  • Event reporting and analytics – post-event analysis of brand performance on-channel and on-screen

For more details on this revolutionary DBR technology visit our partners website www.supponor.com

Mission statement

“Our effort is to ensure that we are satisfying the client’s needs and providing materials that are strategically on target as well as having the ability to produce superior results. Through creative thinking and strategic planning we will reach the marketing objectives of our clients.”